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1. The Discovery

We work with you to understand your needs, what is working and what needs to be fixed.We connect with your Strategy, Your Goals, and your Aspirations to ensure we provide you with the best Training and Learning Interventions.


A Pencil is just a pencil. A Blank sheet is just that, blank. In the right hands, masterpieces have been crafted and each masterpiece is unique

Amu Ogbeide
Creative Director and Founder, Star Sapphire

2. The Design

For us, every organization is fresh and we work with your team to produce masterclasses that will speak to your needs. We have been rated above 95% on Relevance consistently for 10 years by our clients.


In today's uncertain world, firms seek strategic thinkers with leadership capabilities, global understanding and excellent people skills. As one of their long-standing  visiting faculty members and trusted partners, I believe that Star Sapphire will take you out of your comfort zone from day one and transform  you to reflect, question and find solutions to global business challenges during your short course(s). I encourage you to come and experience their transformational training and development  courses and world-renowned faculty that not only research but i also create real impact

Professor Tazeeb RajwaniA professor in international Business and Strategy at University of Essex and Visiting Senior Fellow at Cranfield School of Management.

3. The Deployment

This is the best part – Our faculty is second to none. Be it physically or virtually, we deliver top-notch training to your team and the entire dynamics, pre-class engagement, post training impact projects, case studies, presentations and the recommendations / roadmap to the Organization is just brilliant. 


Check Popular Corporate Courses

The Star Sapphire Faculty is an A+ team. Each faculty member comes with their “A” game in training delivery. Each session is highly engaging, indeed, very practical and relevant for implementation the moment you resume at work. Every training delivery session irrespective of the group the participants gets an A++ rating, this shows consistency, the level and depth of planning and preparation that goes on behind the scenes. I believe everyone willing to advance or improve at work should go through a training session delivered by star sapphire. It is worth the time spent 

Tochi Onuoha
Head, Learning & Development | Heritage Bank PLC

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The creativity and storytelling course helped me become a better leader. It triggered me to be more self-aware with my communications, team/employee relationships and how to use analytical skills to solve problems.
The instructors clearly articulated their points and encouraged us to apply examples that were applicable to the organisation and everyday life. We also had the opportunity to discuss issues openly, honestly and without prejudice. I left feeling more confident, super charged with creative ideas and the willingness to deploy them to achieve business objectives.
This is a highly impacting training experience that infuses flexibility, humour and fun into learning. I will recommend it for business executives, teams and forward thinking organisations. 

Ibukun Omololu
Former Head, One Woman Sterling Bank.


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